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Type Faster with 20 Minutes for 30 Days

Here is how you learn to type faster. All you got to do is to watch the video once and then follow the steps below every morning for 20 minutes for 30 days. Use the timer function of your mobile phone to track the time you spend on each of the 3 sections below. Important is you do it every day and for exactly 20 minutes.

Before Your start:

Test your current writing speed with TypingTest. Once you are done, note down or share your speed so you can compare it when you completed the course.

First 15 days:

Spend 20 Minutes every day on, to learn to position your figures and to type certain keys. Complete Beginner, Intermediary, Advance and Speciality Lessons.

The last 15 days:

Spend the next 15 minutes on, to continue your studies and the next 5 Minutes on the game RapidTyping or TypeRacer, where you car race against other learners.

When you are done:

Now again go test your writing speed with TypingTest and compare the results with the test of day one. You can now also calculate the % you increased your typing and if you are a math genius many even how much time you saved, giving you type 5 hours a week for the next 30 years ;)


The above guide is based on the learning method Spaced Repetition. According to brain research it is believed to be one of the most effective ways to learn really anything. It follows a few principles:

  • Learn every day a little, instead of just one day a lot. The reason for this is sleep. It's during sleep when your brain grows synapses (new connections), so if you don't sleep between your learning sessions you'll simply learn less.
  • Set yourself a clear start and ending time for your learning. Ending is as important as starting as it acts as a reward and hence increases the likely hood that you start again the next day.
  • While you learn, don’t do anything else and remove all distractions (turn off your phone,...). Use the Pomodoro Technique if you have trouble to focus.
  • If you don’t really enjoy what you want to learn, do it in the morning, it's when you have the most energy for that kind of stuff.